Farrah Hall

"Windsurfing is a sport that requires the physical fitness of an endurance athlete, and lots of different crosstraining is involved.  I needed something to really shake up my crosstraining regimen, and Harry's workouts do just that...I can feel myself getting stronger and more balanced every week and it really makes a difference on the board.  I am also person who thrives on adversity and Harry really knows when to step up the challenge and make the program very interesting.  He gives his all to each one of your sessions and does it in a very entertaining way.  Harry can really make pain fun!"

Team Tunnicliffe 082

Molly Vandemoer

Working out with Harry has been incredibly helpful. He is able to keep me on target with my long term goals, as well as helping to produce almost immediate results.  I have to travel often in order to compete and Harry supplies me with a workout regime that is do-able no matter where I may find myself.  He is accommodating to a crazy schedule, as well as a body that needs time to recover from strenuous treatment.  I thoroughly enjoy his positive supportive attitude, and relentless encouragement.  No matter if you are a professional sailor, or a weekend warrior, working with Harry will increase your stamina,

348584435310884098472740840960864997029174nTerry Hutchinson

2X Rolex Yachtsman of the Year
2X College Sailor of the Year
4X All-American at Old Dominion University
Americas Cup Sailor
Farr 40 World Champion

I wanted to write and thank you for the outstanding work you have done with my training. As you know, when I showed up in July I had just joined Emirates Team New Zealand and was as out of shape as one could be; your methodology and approach to exercise changed my pudgy body into somewhat of an athlete. 
Still a long way to go, but the manner in which you approached my workout has truly inspired me to WANT to come to the gym. That has not happened before and I wanted to thank you for being able to challenge me to be a better athlete and to help with my progression in sailing.
In the past year I was able to win the Farr 40 World Championship and earn the season championship in the America’s cup events. You share in these victories as the physical shape I was able to obtain allowed for a higher level of mental concentration and discipline on the race course. Thank you for all that you have done and I look forward to many years of training.


Jahn Tihansky

Director JWorld Annapolis
US Naval Academy Offshore Head Coach

I want to thank you for the effort you are putting forth to help me get into shape for my sailing.

I began a training regiment to become sufficiently fit to be competitive in my most recent racing endeavour, competing in a high performance 505 dinghy. Specifically, my partner and I are gearing up to compete in the 505 World Championships this coming August in Santa Cruz, CA. At 41, I fashion myself as reasonably fit for my day to day job activities and the recreational level of sailing that I have been doing up to this point. However, I need to dramatically improve my fitness if I want to have a prayer of being physically competitive in a dinghy such as the 505 especially for a long regatta in the windy conditions typical of the Santa Cruz area. To help me formulate a plan and get started on a sensible workout regimen, I felt I needed someone to push me as well as hold me accountable at least until I have gotten over the initial hump of how to properly train. After meeting and talking with you, I had a good feeling and made the decision to hire you on as my personal trainer.Working with you was defi nitely a smart decision for me as it has accomplished both of my above-mentioned objectives and then some. I especially appreciate the care you take in designing each exercise with respect to my lower back problems. I know I would have struggled from the onset and probably would not have made anywhere close to the same amount of progress that we have made to this point.Please feel free to use my name as a reference should the need arise. I look forward to behaving like I'm 20 again!


Brian Bissell

7 National Championships
3-time College Sailing All-American for Georgetown University
Pacific Team Racing World Champion
North Sails One Design

For optimal performance in competitive sailboat racing, physical fitness is a must. Out on the race course you can make all the right calls tactically, you can tack and jibe in all the right places, you can even win the start, but if you can’t hike as hard, as long or grind the winches as fast as your competitors, you’ll have a tough time winning t
he race. Most of my experience is in racing small dinghies. The smaller and more high-performance the boat, the more agility, strength, and endurance become integral factors in winning the race. Harry Legum has derived a workout program that targets the specific muscles we use while sailing. As a participant in this program, I have noticed amazing results in just a month’s time. I recommend Annapolis Sailing Fitness to anyone serious about getting to the top of his or her game.


Allie Nagle

Severn School ‘05
Boston College Varsity Sailing Team  

I am a crew for a 420 dinghy. At 18, I have been sailing competitively for only four years. I have competed in numerous large-scale regattas on the summer sailing junior circuit up and down the east coast, placing 10th at Orange Bowl and 11th at Midwinters. I have raced for my high school sailing team during the Fall and Spring seasons. I also placed third at the Bemis National Double-handed Regatta. My next challenge on the water will come when I sail for a varsity sailing team in college next year for which I am being recruited. I know that the competition at this level is very intense and I want to be adequately prepared. I have the experience and appropriate size, but I understand how important cross training is in order to be successful at sailing. That is why I have employed the help of Harry, to get ready for the challenges I face ahead. He is always motivating and is very knowledgeable regarding exercises geared towards the actions I will be doing out on the boat. I am confident that the hard work put forth on both of our parts will give me a leg up on the competition next year.

Frieda Wildey

As a big boat racing sailor, I find it extremely important to keep working to improve my fitness levels for racing, especially during the off-season winter months. Training with Harry Legum and Annapolis Sailing Fitness has been one of the most physically challenging yet exciting experiences for me since I sailed a VO60 to Miami from Annapolis.

Harry's training has made a real difference in my overall core fitness and upper body strength while improving my agility and endurance at the same time. He is careful to assess daily my current physical status before starting our sessions and tailors each workout to keep it safe yet challenging. Not only do I see real physical benefits from our sport-specific workouts, but we have fun at the same time and afterwards I leave feeling better than I did when I walked in the gym.

Other members of my family have benefited from working out with Harry and Annapolis Sailing Fitness. Our son is a Key High School sailor at Severn Sailing Association and his team has participated in the Annapolis Sailing Fitness high school sailing program. He really enjoys their conditioning training and reports a great improvement in his strength and fitness for windy Fall and Spring sailing seasons.

Racing and sailing is my life and I want to participate in it as long as humanly possible. Training with Annapolis Sailing Fitness will allow me to remain competitive and keep racing for many years to come. Many thanks to Harry for giving me a great fitness foundation to make that happen!

David Flynn

Quantum Sails

There are trainers and then there is Harry. I wanted someone who would push me, and who would help me keep up with the increasingly physical nature of top level competitive sailing. Harry devised a program that combined flexibility, strength, balance and quickness. His broad experience and detailed understanding of body mechanincs and physiology was evident from the moment we began working out. You have to believe in a trainer, and his professionalism inspires a confidence that will have you walking through walls. Somehow, he inspires and manages to keep things froming becoming drudgery, with constantly varied workouts that will leave you crawling. He is the man!

Leah Burman

Harry is fantastic! His attentive, specialized training has helped me to improve not only my sailing but also my overall quality of life.  He truly has answered a calling to help bring fitness into the lives of sailors.  His motivation and excitement for training continues to motivate me and inspire me to work harder.  Harry treats his clients with respect and makes an effort to stay involved in all aspects of physical health.  I've worked with other trainers before, and thought I knew all the positive reasons to have a personal trainer.  However, more so than any other trainer I've worked with, Harry's holistic approach is inspiring.  
He maintains a positive, professional attitude and acknowledges that personal training is only part of the bigger fitness picture.  He quietly manages to support me in eating healthy, doing cardio exercises regularly, and managing stress - never pushing, just encouraging. I sailed on the Georgetown University Sailing Team in college, and continued to race in Vanguard 15s and J22s after graduating.  I am the V15 fleet captain at SSA and remain active in the sailing community.  At the ripe old age of 26, I recently found myself struggling to hike upwind during long beats.  The transition from college sailor to weekend warrior with a desk job had left me out of shape and overweight.  When you have to spend all your energy just trying to hike hard and trim sails, it's all you can think of -  tactics and speed fall to the wayside.  I realized that I needed to become more capable physically for my sailing to flourish.  I began working with Harry in October and by January had lost 30 pounds and dropped two dress sizes!  I feel incredible and at the recent v15 Midwinters, I was able to hike hard, despite high winds.  
 I highly recommend Harry and his approach to sailing fitness to everyone.  Whether it is a one time clinic, group classes, or a personalized fitness routine, I can assure you that Harry will make your health and fitness a priority and inspire you to reach your goals.  He has certainly done so for me.

Daniel Ahr

As a former collegiate athlete and naval officer, physical fitness has always been important to me. Following an accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down, however, physical health and fitness became essential to every aspect of daily life and somewhat more difficult to achieve. Harry’s knowledge, creativity, and intensity have allowed me to overcome my physical limitations to maximize every workout. My strength and rehabilitation since working with Harry have surprised and impressed friends and professionals who keep a close eye on my progress. His close supervision, attention to detail, and intimate experience with physiology also ensures that this progress comes safely and smartly so I can continue to enjoy life. Most importantly, his enthusiasm, encouragement, and personality get me to the gym every day and help me gut out those last two reps.


Jared Goodwin

Having been member of numerous nationally ranked high school and collegiate crews it was not a hard decision for me to what I had learned to love and pursue the ultimate goal of competing at the elite level of rowing.  As with any dream there we significant obstacles that stood in my way.  The first being a weak back from numerous back injuries and surgery.  Probably the hardest obstacle in my may was getting back to the physical condition that put me into those championship crews just a few short years before.  It became quickly apparent that rowing my shell up and down the Severn River in Annapolis, MD everyday was not going to cut it.  I needed something, something I had never seriously paid any attention to, to push me over the edge and assist me in seperating myself from the pack. 
My journey towards achieving my goal landed me in the grasp of Harry Legum.  Harry has the ability to take my personal goals and tailor my strength and "off-water" physiological training to achieve the success I desperately desire.  With all being said and done, I very well might fall short of my ultimate goal, but with Harry, as one of coaches, I know for a fact that I have a chance of ultimate success.  More importantly, I'm going to have a blast trying!!!


Jay Palace

Founder of GEL (Group Experiential Learning)
(GEL specializes in situational leadership and
team building events that capitalize on
wind, water, and sailboats.)

Harry Legum has an uncanny knack of knowing how to coach and encourage people to achieve their training objectives. Working with him has helped me address an nagging injury and get back sailing at the level I enjoy."

Paul Griffith III, MD

Athlete and Orthopedic Surgeon

I have been involved in competitive sport for over 35 years. As both an athlete and an Orthopedic Surgeon, I have worked with numerous trainers and therapists, and not one of them has ever demonstrated Harry Legum's level of enthusiasm, skill, and expertise. If you want results, he's your man.

LT Rob Almeida

Assistant Coach/Operations Officer
Navy Offshore Sailing

"Training with Harry has been fantastic.   I've trained on my own for many years and achieved good results, however I have found that through Harry's personal training, my overall fitness has improved much faster and with significantly less down time due to over training and exertion than I've experienced in the past.  Harry's expertise really comes out in his ability to recognize my own physical limits and to help me reach them, yet not go dangerously beyond them as I have done in the past.  In short, I've never had someone push me so hard yet made the pain so much fun to bear!  Thanks Harry!"