The New EWE Spirit Fund in Honor of Geoff Ewenson

Sailors around the world who knew Annapolis sailor Geoff Ewenson recognize the distinctive “EWE” lettering with which he marked his lifejackets and other gear. After his sudden passing at the age of 50 from a heart attack October 14, close friends banded together and created “EWE” stickers, which became available on Facebook for donations for causes honoring Geoff’s joyful and giving spirit.

All who knew Geoff well knew his smile and laugh well. His friend and trainer Harry Legum took this photo.

Although she was not involved with the stickers, Geoff’s wife (and SpinSheet publisher), Mary Ewenson, was moved by the gesture and the quick spread of stickers around town. She says, “Geoff loved stickers, and he loved branding our gear with that EWE! It’s the perfect tribute.”