Sailing Fitness Training Programs

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The Burning Issue      

Perhaps no sport provides the combination of challenge, relaxation and satisfaction that sailing provides. Its unique mix of skill, physical and mental exercise, and rich history has made it a special sport, a sport for a lifetime. At Annapolis Sailing Fitness, we believe that that lifetime of enjoyment can be enhanced by the application of techniques that help you sail more comfortably, better and safer. The better conditioned you are, the more you can do and enjoy. If you want to sail fun, sail fit!

Competitive sailing is a test of know-how, equipment and physical ability. The know-how can be acquired through experience and training. The right equipment is a question of expertise and resources. Any number of sources can help you become a smarter sailor with the right gear. However, when it comes to physical fitness for sailing, getting expert guidance has been largely a matter of luck, a matter of finding a good training regimen administered by a sailing enthusiast. For the competitive sailor, luck is not a method. Annapolis Sailing Fitness can help you get over the line faster.

Safety is frequently a matter of being capable of handling the unexpected. Experiened sailors know that, in extreme situations, the difference between safety and tragedy can be a matter of physical strength and endurance. Problems can occur in an instant, and the outcome can be decided just as quickly. There is no substitute for fitness in such situations. Even in more gentle circumstances, the fit sailor is more likely to avoid emergencies. For the sake of safety, all sailors should be fit. Annapolis Sailing Fitness knows that, and can help you be ready for whatever comes your way.


The Solution

Annapolis Sailing Fitness provides a leading-edge approach to developing physical fitness for sailing. The training is tailored to the specific requirements of each sailor, as a synthesis of personal goals, physical characteristics, special considerations and prudent practice. Primary emphasis is given to safe progress: enhancing fitness without causing injury. Within that common-sense limitation, training can be as aggressive as the sailor desires, but is always carefully paced and monitored to ensure the best results without setbacks

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