Geoff Ewenson, Olympic Hopeful

I have been working with Harry Legum for 7 months now. I began my regime as a relatively out-of-shape athlete who had not seen the inside of a gym in two years. I decided to campaign a Finn Dinghy for the 2008 Olympics and knew that if I was going to be successful that I needed to focus a lot of attention on my fitness. As a relatively old Olympic campaigner ( 35 yrs old ) that would be an area that would come less easily than for a younger athlete. Working with Harry has been intense and rewarding. I have gained muscle mass and endurance which will certainly make me more competitive on the racecourse and I have enjoyed getting back into fighting shape which has helped me in the rest of my life. Harry brings a professional attitude to each and every workout and pushes me to excel with every rep. I know that I will achieve my goals and I owe much of that to working with Harry and Annapolis Sailing Fitness.

- Geoff Ewenson

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