Training Programs


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Basic Training

Balance, strength, and agility
At Annapolis Sailing Fitness, we help beginners and seasoned sailing-fitness enthusiasts enjoy the benefits of balance, strength and agility. We accomplish this goal by helping individuals, groups, and teams master basic exercise fundamentals.

Individualized attention
The most important concern that we have is your individual sailing-fitness goals. Marrying special safety precautions with our proven training techniques, we (1) profile your health and medical concerns, (2) prepare a functional evaluation, and (3) develop a customized program that emphasizes: biomechanics, caloric intake, core training, flexibility, stability, and variety.

Our safety and technique is rooted in over 19 years in the health industry, training individuals ranging from disabilities to professional athlete. We base our methodology on the “super slows” and mastery of biomechanics concepts designed by Dr. Arthur Jones and Dr. Ellington Darden. The result for sailors is this: you’ll accelerate your physical development and reduce or eliminate your chance of injury.

Medical concerns
In developing your health profile, we address all medical concerns on a client-by-client basis. For the duration of your sailing-fitness training, we’ll place healing and injury prevention as our top priority.

Functional evaluation
We perform functional evaluations to determine how your program will proceed. For example: are you preparing to be a bowman on a J22? Strengthening your quadriceps and abs to help with hiking on a 420? Going out for a cruise and looking to feel limber? Whatever your goals are, we’ll create an exercise program that will help you achieve your physical goals.

Advanced Training

Thoughts on training- “There is no such thing as spontaneous results”

Advanced sailing-fitness training in the gym
Every 3 to 5 weeks we encourage change. We will surprise your system with a variety of training styles: high intensity, low duration; supersets; circuit training; agility exercises; and endurance exercises.

For the competitive sailor we will create a seasonal training plan with particular focus on special pre- post-race fitness training

At Annapolis Sailing Fitness we recognize the need for a smart approach to recovery. We factor caloric intake, heart rate monitoring, and cardiovascular training into the overall strategy for maximizing your sailing-fitness potential.

Race-like emulation
We strive to recreate body positions used in the heat of a race with respect to: (1) the dynamics on all types of sailboats and (2) the impact of all types of sailing conditions. We use Bosu balls, hiking benches, and other exercise equipment to assist us in this process.

Think to win
Recruitment of muscle fiber and the ability to function at a higher level separates you physically from your sailing competition. One major consideration is the effectiveness of clear thinking. Advanced exercise helps this process by stimulating blood flow, production of adrenaline and endorphins and most importantly: help in regulating stress and anxiety. Positive attitude, the mark of a true sailing champion, must be practiced as diligently as all the physical exercise combined. A healthy dose of choice reading material and good music can be key in assisting to nourish a good positive attitude. At Annapolis Sailing Fitness we seek to combine the best of both mental and physical conditioning.


Sessions are offered from one-to-one to group/crew/team training and everything in between

Cost range
One-to-One: $90 to $225 per session 
Group or Team: Customized packages, compensation determined after initial consultation

Internet consultations/program design/speaking engagements-
Available upon request